Beachwood Bay Estates is situated on a pristine bay on the beautiful coast of downeast Maine. Many homeowners love to come here to enjoy the peace and serenity of the area. There are very few communities on the New England coast that boast such dramatic scenery, or wonderful walking trails and open fields.

The Beachwood Bay Estates Condominium Association serves you, the homeowner. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Association with any questions or concerns.


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Welcome Back BBE Homeowners

Annual Meeting June 22, 2019

As many of you know, as of July of last year, I took over as President (a position held by Jeff Scott for 2 years), so needless to say I had much to learn. With the help of past and current Board members and residents, the transition was easy, well there were a few glitches.

The Association was starting back on a positive track in early 2018. When I took over, we aggressively continued to tackle a number of repairs and other bigger issues. As we continue to rebuild BBE’s physical property and finances, we are able to take on more projects to make BBE a more beautiful and respected community.

To do this, we need everyone to take pride in their property and the Association as a whole. This community makes up all of our homes. We are doing our best to assist every homeowner, with either a maintenance agreement, a partial payment for their project or in some cases full repair to make our community safe, physically and financially.

The current board was left holding the bag on our biggest issue. The Erosion. Pat Morris had done all the road work on acquiring our permit, but then the hard part, the investigation, the learning curve about what needed to be done and finally we began to acquire quotes, I had numerous discussions with possible options with all the contractors. Now it is time for the largest issue, financing it. We have had estimates between 95k- 150k and they range so diversely due to the medium that will be used. This will be our Hot Topic at the meeting. Please keep in mind as you ponder it and review the suggested budget, that there is no option for “no repair”. This project must happen this year!

We are optimistic that this repair can happen and we can continue to thrive. The association has had a few new owners move in and we have had units that were vacant sell and now we have units in full repair mode.  We have decided on the color scheme (over the next few years) and now we will have your choice of door colors (of course from our palette of choices). These are exciting times for BBE.

We have summer plans in place for landscaping and beautification, like new Street signs, painted benches, lush flower beds and some accent fencing with a new BBE Sign. Most of this labor work will be done by homeowners. We would love anyone with special skills and some free time to join us in making the grounds of our ocean front community more welcoming.

We are also interested in supporting one another. In doing so, we are hoping each of you will share some information about yourself and emergency contact information. We all watch out for each other and having this information could be pertinent. We will have forms available at the meeting. If you will not be attending, you can email the information.

Please be reminded that this annual packet contains important information for your review. Please review it thoroughly. Please utilize the proxy notice if you are unable to attend. We look forward to seeing each of you Saturday June 22nd at 10 am at the Pavilion.

Let us work together to make this community a place where people will Love to Live! Respectfully Submitted,

Patti Sansing

Board President


June 22, 2019

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