Beachwood Bay Estates is situated on a pristine bay on the beautiful coast of downeast Maine. Many homeowners love to come here to enjoy the peace and serenity of the area. There are very few communities on the New England coast that boast such dramatic scenery, or wonderful walking trails and open fields.

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Board Meeting Minutes


DECEMBER 22, 2017

Greetings All Homeowners!

As we approach the end of this year, I wanted to wish all a wonderful holiday. It is also a good time to reflect on the changes and improvements made at Beachwood Bay Estates.

First and foremost, this year saw a near-record number of new buyers, both seasonal and year-round folks. I would like to welcome Donna, Crystal, Camille, Richard, Patti and Mike, Belinda, Beverly as well as other new homeowners who are closing on units this month.

Most of you know that the community voted to expand the board from three to five board members at the annual homeowners association meeting. This was a much needed change, which will help to spread the workload among a greater number of board members. We have assigned various responsibilities to specific board members. For example, Patti Sansing is the point person for water quality testing; Duane Fox is overseeing the erosion application process; Stephen Eichler is working on rules and regs; Jeff is serving as liaison with property management/bookkeeping, etc.

This summer there were several repairs made to units throughout the community. Some of these repairs were funded directly by the homeowners, through the newly formed Alternative Maintenance Plan. The new plan has some kinks in the policy, but it has helped to get work done without breaking the bank, in that homeowners have agreed to fund the repairs, and be reimbursed via a credit memo on their monthly dues. The board has also paid for chimney removals for buildings that do not have vented furnaces.

The board wanted to complete more repairs but we were unable to schedule contractors to do the work prior to summer because there was an extremely high HOA delinquency rate as of the end of June. Immediately prior to the annual homeowners meeting the association had zero dollars in our checking account. Fortunately, several delinquent homeowners paid just prior to the meeting, but it was already too late in the season to schedule major repairs.

Hopefully next spring the association will be in better shape to schedule repairs for the summer. The executive board wishes to thank all of you who are current in your assessments and want you to know how important it is that we all do our best to pay our assessments on time. The HOA condo dues (aka “assessment”) are our only form of income, and our only revenue stream to complete repairs.

Our community maintains a website:, which has our condominium documents, board meeting minutes, and other contact information available for homeowners. (Remember the password is bbehoa). I am sure there are folks who don’t like to logon to websites and prefer direct contact from the board. I fully appreciate that, which is why I wanted to connect directly with you via this correspondence.

Sadly this year two wonderful homeowners passed. Ray Schofield and Warren Mogan both among the very first homeowners in this community. Ray served on the board for a period of time, and was a great ambassador to BBE. Ray had a deep love for the beauty of Maine. It was good to see Ray’s wife, Barbara return to BBE. Warren was also a homeowner from the beginning and enjoyed coming from CT to relax on holidays. He was my former neighbor, along with his wife, Virginia, who passed a couple of years ago.

I was also among the first homeowners at Beachwood Bay Estates, and I share my love for the community with other board members and homeowners. We all want the best for this community, and feel optimistic that we are moving in a positive direction.

In closing, I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions/suggestions/comments. My direct contact information is: My phone is (207)650-8260. I would love to hear from you.

Have a happy, relaxing, and safe holiday as we look forward to the coming year.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Scott
BBE Executive board president

December 22, 2017


June 1, 2019
June 22, 2019

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